A home for innovations in wellness

Providing people with the tools they need to take charge of their health. Developing digital solutions for preventive, promotive, and curative treatment as needed.

Designed with care- Scientific and holistic
Beyond the pill: digitally augmenting care
Connecting you with caregivers- where and when you need them

Your personal diabetes companion

A connected care solution for Diabetes with features of self monitoring, data storage and communication channels built in. For a special category of vulnerable users, specialised escalation matrix powers the clinical workflow.


Your trusted buddy to motherhood

We offer self-monitoring features, as well as scientific knowledge on pregnancy and child care prepared by professionals and built-in data storage with your protection and privacy in mind. Your virtual midwife will be the solution, assisting you throughout your road to motherhood to make it lovely and memorable.


Healthy Lifestyle made fun and easy!

We help you to stay healthy as long as you live. Personalized daily goals, gamification model and simple design to make it easy for you. Ecosystem of health support including health dashboard, telehealth, online diagnosis, and pharmaceutical community with certified specialists that can help the user through the journey.

Who are we?

Health@Home was created by a dedicated group of medics, engineers, and healthcare industry experts from Southeast Asia and Africa. While our experience allows us to grasp the domains, it is the human at the centre of our design that drives our emphasis. The types of solutions we work on are determined by our awareness of the specific difficulties and strengths of the people in our countries. We have you covered with our team of doctors, nurses, digital technology experts, pharmaceutical and healthcare veterans.

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